Everything the Animal Health Trust does has the health and welfare of animals at its heart.

We are passionate about horses, dogs and cats and exist to make life better for generations of animals.

In many parts of the world disease and injury are far bigger threats to animals than neglect.

Our vets and scientists work around the clock to combat these. We have two referral clinics: one for horses, the other for dogs and cats. Our vets diagnose problems and find ways of treating them.

In our research laboratories our scientists, who work with our vets, look for new ways to diagnose problems, stop them from happening and, where we can, cure them.

We are committed to education. The knowledge we gain we share internationally to benefit horses, dogs and cats all around the world.

All the funds we raise through treating animals in our clinics go straight back into developing new diagnostic tests, treatments and vaccines to help thousands more animals.

Nearly all horses, dogs and cats in the UK will have benefited from our work – that includes your pets and those of your family and friends.

We are innovative. We are passionate. We are pioneers. We are the Animal Health Trust

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