Money matters – The AHT’s financial year

Governments, schools, employers and health professionals all play a role in shaping our health environment. We believe by working together, we can make change happen.


As an independent charity we receive no government funding. In 2015 our total income was £17.04 million. The funds we raised, from charitable sources, amounted to £4.41 million.

The balance of income came from funding for our research work (£1.80 million), fees charged for clinical services (£9.08 million), fees charged for education services (£0.09 million) and investment income (£1.65 million).

Every penny we receive is invested back into our charitable work, enabling us to be a leading authority in the understanding of diseases in animals through scientific endeavour and its application to their welfare.


In 2015, we spent a total of £14.92 million achieving our objectives. £3.19 million was spent on our research. We spent £1.08 million on education and £9.56 million delivering and developing our veterinary services.

A further £0.30 million was spent on governance and other costs. During 2015, we spent £0.80 million on fundraising.

For every one pound directly invested in fundraising and generating legacies, we raised £5.50

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