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A word from the Chief Executive
Dr Mark Vaudin on 2015

It is almost 75 years since the AHT was founded. Our pioneering research has made significant improvements to the health and welfare of animals in the UK, and across the world.

Our clinics and laboratory services continued to underpin our vital clinical research programmes. In 2015, our Small Animal Centre and Equine Clinic treated more than 3,600 newly referred animals. Our DNA testing service offered five new tests and produced test results for more than 9,500 samples. We now offer DNA health tests for more than 60 breeds of dog. Through our Diagnostic Laboratory Services, we processed more than 40,300 samples and successfully retained our ISO 17025 status.

The AHT remains your charity. We are here to benefit your animals and with your support, together we can progress research leading to better diagnostic tests, treatments, vaccines and other preventative options.

I hope you enjoy this review and the numerous highlights within it, and that it leaves you motivated to support our charity, enabling us to continue the great work we do for horses, dogs and cats.

Mark Vaudin

Dr Mark Vaudin

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